Thursday, August 6, 2015


The new FEAR THE WALKING DEAD series soon to debut has a lot of my regulars asking me if I'm going to be writing about it. If I didn't know otherwise, I'd say this means they hate me and are plotting against me. The answer is, I don't know if I'll be writing about it. The idea of a second TWD--if, at least, it turns out to be another TWD--makes my head hurt. It could, of course, turn out to be good. One always hopes for the best. This week, I was asked if I'd seen the trailer for the new series. I hadn't, so I took a look at it. To my dismay, it seems one of the models for the new series was our old pal WORLD WAR Z.

The FEAR THE WALKING DEAD trailer is here:

In it, we have:

Sweet domestic moment before the storm.
The characters get stuck in traffic.
Motorcycle rockets by their door.
Helicopter overhead.
"Do you see anything?"
Chaos up ahead (in WWZ, it came from behind).
Cop bullets prove ineffective against the dead.
Leaving the vehicle and fleeing.
Getting off the road and taking shelter in Hispanic home.

Not only is all of this stuff directly lifted from WORLD WAR Z, most of it ended up in the WORLD WAR Z trailer (in exactly the same order):

WWZ is, of course, just about the worst possible model the show--or any show--could have used and even if it had been the best thing since NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, this sort of direct replication of another picture is fucking embarrassing. I don't know if I'll be writing about the new series. I do know this makes my head hurt even more.



  1. BTW, FTWD s01e01 ends with a train arriving in a station, not unlike

  2. Have you ever watched something so bad that it made you puke? We did. We watched the pilot episode of Fear The Walking Dead the other day and we have only been regretting our decision since then. Not only the acting was bad, the cast disappointed us and the story plot seemed all at sea.