Sunday, March 10, 2013

Killing Time on THE WALKING DEAD

Nothing happened tonight on THE WALKING DEAD.


For 60 minutes, the creators of the series once again chose to dedicate nearly an entire episode of their season merely to killing time.

Episode title: "Arrow on the Doorpost"

The part that matters: Rick and GINO held a "peace conference" at a grainery. GINO made it clear, moments into it, that he was only present to accept Rick's surrender, not to negotiate. Toward the end, he offered a basis for a deal: he wants Michonne. Turn her over and, he says, he'll let the prison group live in peace. And Rick returned to the spineless imbecile to which the writers had arbitrarily devolved him back in season 2.

Total plot progression: less than 5 minutes worth.

The other 55+ minutes: Filler.

The last 5 episodes, in fact, have collectively featured less than 1 episode worth of plot. In this regard, the writers seem intent on trying to break their season 2 record.

GINO makes his intentions very clear right from the beginning. The entire godawful storyline that has been this season could have been ended simply by Rick blasting GINO and there's absolutely no reason why he wouldn't do that on  first sight of him. Rick has shown he'll kill problematic people without a moment's hesitation or second thought. He's the prison group's leader. His job is to look out for his own. GINO is a madman who, without any provocation, has already kidnapped, threatened, tortured and murdered those Rick leads, knocked down the door to their home so every stray zombie can wander in and tried to kill them all. Even sitting down with such a creature renders Rick weak, stupid, indecisive and absolutely pathetic. He sat there with this arch-villain who. at arm's length, threatens them all, even after GINO makes it clear there's no point, lets himself be repeatedly insulted and ends by telling GINO he'll think about giving over one of his own. And then does it, even while admitting such a "deal" is no deal at all.

I've often written about the tragically wasted potential of TWD. I've never felt this as heavily as I did tonight. The return of spineless Rick, after everything that has happened, is absolute garbage writing of the kind that has buried TWD and actually made me angry. Something this awful shouldn't be able to get even that little bit of a rise out of me. Or maybe it should get a rise out of everyone who appreciates cinematic art. What a pathetic waste of space is TWD.



  1. I certainly agree with you this week. Aside from it being another filler episode, it also had the typical lack of common sense.

    Having Rick and GINO interact in such a casual, boring manner actually dissipated any tension (not that there was much tension in the first place).

    Why did Rick choose Hershel to come along? Rick is needlessly risking the one man with medical skills yet again. Why did Rick leave Merle with Glenn and Michonne back at the prison? Rick should have better sense than that.

    The fact that Rick didn't use the meeting as an opportunity to kill GINO is truly baffling.

    I don't remember Daryl ever smoking before this episode; someone correct me if I'm wrong.

    Glenn worries that Merle's plan would put Rick in danger, but Rick himself is a potential danger. What if Rick went stark, raving mad again, and had one of his hallucination fits while chatting with GINO? Rick could get everyone killed, including himself. But, they keep deferring to Rick as the leader, despite his serious mental illness.

    The scene between Glenn and Maggie had no place in the overall context of the episode. Oh, and this episode proves that Rick knew about what GINO did to Maggie, yet nobody ever bothered to inform Andrea about it when she visited the prison a few episodes ago.

    The group at the prison has yet again completely forgotten about their concern regarding snipers possibly being posted in the bushes.

    Why exactly does GINO want to slaughter Rick and his group? GINO told Milton that it's so they can "stand as one," whatever that means, but Rick poses no threat to Woodbury. And, why didn't GINO just slaughter them when he had the opportunity during his first attack on the prison? He ceased attacking prematurely, there.

  2. What a stupid show! Didn't Rick know that Grenn and Maggie where tortured and pseudo-raped under GINO's orders? Why didn't he put a bullet to his head the moment GINO appeared? And what's with the out of the blue sex scene? And what's with the singing? Are the writers demented or what? Why do I put up with this crap?

  3. VL, to answer your question on Daryl smoking, yes he never smoked before, but TWD felt they had to give the viewers a little present, since he didn't appear in the last episode. Also, its the zombie apocalypse, if you find cigarettes, you might as well smoke em'. I doubt you'll be worrying about that lung cancer.

  4. Yeah, except the Walkers (zombies) don't have enough sense to come in out of the rain and any cigarettes would have been ruined after a year out in the weather.
    Chalk up more stupidity from the writers.