Monday, November 10, 2008


Hello, and welcome, all who may care, to "The Dig."

J. Riddle. 'Round these parts, I blog as "cinemarchaeologist." Hailing from a small town in Georgia, USA, I'm a writer, a lifelong cinephile and an aspiring filmmaker. The combination has meant I've written a lot about movies over the years. The idea for "The Dig" was originally just to have a place to put all my old movie-related meanderings. I was initially going to make it a more conventional website but the blogger format seemed to be well-suited for it, so I figured "why not?" I can post my older material in increments and mix my ongoing movie commentary with it.

I'm not a big fan of most contemporary mainstream Hollywood cinema--what serious movie fan is, right? My taste in film tends to be quite a bit off-the-beaten-track. I'm always searching out something new and different ("new" meaning new to me, not necessarily newly created). I usually have something to say about it. This, it seems, is where I'll now be saying it.

Archaeology has always been an interest of mine and while writing about movies, I've sometimes described myself as an "archaeologist of cinema." I guess I liked that, so I've adopted the theme here. Like an archaeologist, I dig up hidden treasures from the past. It's just that the dusty old bones I'm picking over come out of movie cans. Still treasures and often little known, so I do my little part to spread the word. And I just like to run my mouth about the subject.

That's my story. Comments on anything here are most welcome.

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